Haaland in Man City – is it a needed transfer?

One of the most promising footballers of recent years, except for Mbappe, is a Norwegian striker Erling Haaland. The youngster shined during a youth World Cup, where he scored a record nine goals in a single game against Honduras. Then, he confirmed his bombardier’s status in the Champions League with RB Salzburg, where Haaland scored eight goals in 6 games of the group stage, having among the opponents strong Liverpool and Napoli.

His move to Borussia Dortmund looked just like another step before joining one of the best football clubs, and now journalists and insiders are sure Erling will join Manchester City this summer.

With multiple records set in Bundesliga, Erling moves to the Albion into one of the strongest teams. The Citizens under Josep Guardiola are always among the favourites in taking the English Premier and Champions Leagues. Interestingly, Erling’s father, Alf-Inge, was also playing in the Sky Blues’ jersey, so for the Haaland junior, this move will be quite symbolic.

Of course, on the one hand, this move is ideal for both sides. Manchester City needs a central striker, while Haaland is ready to storm the most valuable trophies. Erling is flexible and smart enough to play any kind of football, even Guardiola’s one. Simultaneously, Josep receives one of the best and most promising finishers of recent years, which should help him to flourish even more. Want more interesting news? Follow the link to the football predictions section and get fresh information every day.

However, there are some drawbacks and pitfalls to the deal. While the transfer fee is pretty small for such a guy – only 75 million euros, the sources talk about another 50 million for agents of the Norwegian bombardier. It looks a bit risky for the guy who receives injuries regularly in Bundesliga, while in the EPL, their numbers can even rise. Another danger is to pay an incredible salary for a young guy with no notable success, while the figures like De Bruyne, Silva, Dias, or Mahrez have much greater success stories even on the national level. Of course, the time will answer all these questions, while now we can only wait for official confirmations and assume how Haaland will be playing in Manchester City. By the way, we recommend visiting the site Odds2Win and getting the latest football predictions.

The Tailrace Of Fishing Denison Dam

State Hwy 91 stays closed on the Texas side, then you’ll have to cross the boundary to Oklahoma take State Hwy 91 from Oklahoma to get to Denison Dam and if shooting Hwy 75 from Texas. Had an excellent time catching them about the fly fishing equipment. Appropriate suitable for promoting sites or your articles, comments aren’t. Striped Bass in the Tailrace! My experience is the Denison Dam tailrace yields large fish, little fish, or not any bass based on how long water has been (or was ) released. The simple principle is that the higher the water stream, the larger the odds of hook-ups that are bigtime.

Since decoration bass – catfish and stripers – gain in Lake Texoma through dam releases in the Red River, it also seems that hydropower generation that is significant results in amounts of accessible fish. Surprises happen. Besides double-digit stripers, I’ve captured monster crappie and bass – both smallmouths and largemouths. I’ve tempted heavy drum on shiners, catfish on surface baits and fat hybrids on Rattletraps. I’ve also lost lots of baits into the stones (and also to snagged fishing line by prior anglers) UFABET 1168. And I’ve come empty-handed, largely during periods of power generation that is minimum. The Denison Dam adventure is not fishing. During water release periods casts are significant.

Heavy equipment is essential. A tighter than ordinary haul is acceptable. The occasional flying sailors (who approach the tailrace as though it had been a stupendous trout flow) have to be prepared to “horse” their bass to help store them out of snags. Fishing manners can be a consideration. Since the hooked fish bill downstream, bank sailors must walk-run – together. They’ll need to manoeuvre in front of different cyclists along the coast. Lines are avoidable if folks would simply reel in if they visit a fisherman steaming downstream together with their pole high. This is a hub, enlightening and put together just like you mean! Here’s a link which demonstrates how to create jigs. Two posts in the Herald Democrat offering advice.

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