What is a PPH sportbook?


We are revolutionizing the per capita pay industry. Our bookie stays ahead of the software pack as we design our own software. It is not based on third party software, which means we can make the best agent for you.

We’ve created the ultimate software package that includes a unique experience for your players, making it easier for you to make more money.

All boundaries have been removed. Our software platform lets you grow your business to any size, from a dozen players to hundreds of sub-agents and beyond.  And your value doesn’t increase, no matter how big you are.

PayPerHead makes managing your business as easy as possible. We provide all kinds of powerful and effective agent reporting to let you know what your players are doing, what they are betting on, how much they have accounts for, and much more.

The best pay per major bookie software providers in 2022

One of the most important decisions you can make as a bookie is to choose the salary of each major company. Wrong sites per person can make or break your business.

We see that many PPH sportsbook sites pop up year after year and they go out of business after a few months, which either breaks the speculation or costs thousands of dollars.

If they do not go out of business, some companies operate on a show-string budget, resulting in their servers crashing in times of crisis, faulty interruptions and terrible customer service.

That’s why only the best sites in the per capita pay industry are listed on scores and statuses. All listed companies have been personally reviewed, reviewed and approved by our employees, giving you the confidence to choose wisely to take your sportsbook business to the next level.

Although all PPH providers on this page are trusted, they differ slightly in service and pricing. Our reviews include detailed information about software, reports, customer service, pricing, business years and more.

Below are the best salaries for bookmakers per large companies.

Pay per person: what is it?

Pay per head, or PPH, is the process of running a sports book business by betting on individual sports. The term “pay per capita” comes from the amount paid to these bookmakers for each person they bring into their betting pool.

Many businesses there want to go into the sports betting business but do not have the time or resources to do so. For example, take a family-owned restaurant that wants to offer something special to its customers. They can start an online sports book and try to manage it themselves, or they can hire someone else for a pay per head service – it saves them both time and money!

Running an online sports book may seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done one before – but it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Manage customer service

If things go wrong (which they always do at some point), it may mean that unless you find another bookmaker who can’t help you. Without proper customer service, you will soon be out of business.


Finally, PPH Sportsbook agents place bets on online bookmakers who do not want to waste time creating their own business to manage bets. PPH bookmakers receive small payments when signing up, but the biggest benefit is being able to work from home while getting help from PPH companies with 24/7 customer service.  This article gives a comprehensive overview of what a PPH Bucky Agent is. If pph agents are looking for pth companies, look no further than this site.